Permanent Cosmetics are the ideal solution for women of all ages that want to restore or enhance their features.  Years ago, permanent makeup was applied with regular tattoo ink, that's why it often looked so unnatural.  Now new techniques have emerged and I offer the latest in treatment options with the use of pigment which gives a more natural appearance, and is completely customizable to every skin tone.  Whether you want to restore your brows shape, enhance a sparse lash line, correct an asymmetry, or just want to save time and the hassle of applying makeup daily, permanent cosmetics can offer a long lasting natural looking solution.  Have you ever though how amazing it would be to wake up with makeup already applied and ready to go? Now you can! 

I consider this work to be my art.  I will work with you until we are both satisfied regardless of time and cost,  if an area of your face needs and extra session I will not charge for it as long as all the aftercare instructions have been followed correctly.  Below you will find a description of all the treatments I offer and a general guideline of price range, all quotes will include ALL necessary appointments.  Every permanent makeup treatment in completely customized to fit your needs and goals, If you are interested in a permanent cosmetics, call (415) 346 9956 for a personalized permanent makeup consultation and quote.

Unlike the sometimes heavy 'drawn on' effects of brow tattoos, Microblading is technique that creates a more natural appearance of individual strokes of pigment that look just like real hairs.  This is an extremely meticulous and precise process and is perfect for those who want to define, add a slight arch, cover gaps, fully reconstruct, or fill-in over plucked brows.  During the first part of the treatment, the focus is on creating the best customized brow shape for your face.  Then the next step is to use a special Microblading pen to apply individual strokes one by one using a customized brow color that will be perfectly matched to your skin tone and facial features.  Healing time is minimal and by avoiding any harsh cleansers, peels, or facials for 1-2 weeks, the final result will be beautiful and natural looking brows.  I also offer brows with a 'Soft Fill' this is a treatment that is not microblading and delivers a soft powdered makeup look in the brow.
$550   Brows with a Soft Fill (not Microblading)
$650   Microblading

Brows can take up to 3 appointments.

Permanent eyeliner can offer a range of benefits including enhancing sparse lashes and creating an appearance of a fuller lash line, and it can also pump up the look of lightly colored or faded lashes.  Since permanent eyeliner stays put, it is an ideal solution for contact lens wearers, athletes, unsteady hands due to medical conditions, as well as those of us that just feel that daily frustration of applying eyeliner.  I offer several different styles of eyeliner that will be customized to your eye shape, skin tone, and makeup preferences.  You can choose from a range of looks including a very subtle application that serves more as a 'Lashline Enhancement' with just a small amount of pigment distributed between the lashes and just barely above, or you can also choose a thin to thick line applied to lids at the lash line on either the upper, lower or both lids.
$500    Lashline Enhancement
$200    Eyeliner Add On (must be booked with Lashline Enhancement)

Eyes can take up to 2 appointments

The lip treatment is the perfect solution for those of us that want the appearance of a brighter fuller lip and can be customized to a range of looks including enhancing your natural lip color to adding a subtle, or not so subtle hint of color.  This treatment can also be an effective solution to correct for asymmetry, ashy lip color, or loss of color from the aging process.
$600   Lip Blush
$750   Full Lip
Lips can take up to 4 appointments to gain desired color saturation.

Touchups are an normal part of all permanent cosmetics maintenance.  Touchups are needed because colors will fade over time I reccommend a touch up every 3-5 years. 

Microblading delivers a more natural and delicate look and so it is considered semi-permanent makeup. Most likely you will need a touchup 1-2 years after your finalized look.
Microblading Touchup cost schedule:
$100     1 year
$200    2 years
$300    3 years
...and so on until the price is the original price.
The caveat of the Microblading treatment is you can only do 4-6 touchups depending on skin and scar tissue buildup.  However, if you've already opted to do more then 2 or 3 I would suggest a more permanent solution as you must be happy and comfortable with the look.

Available in any amount!  Purchase a gift certificate and receive a beautifully packaged customized gift card and gift envelope, gift certificates never expire.

24 hour notice is required to cancel or change an appointment.  No show is a full charge.  Same day appointments are considered confirmed and will be subject to all fees.